Welcome to Nomadic Noize Productions, a cutting edge sound design, audio sync, VO, mixing, and music production company for games, film, and commercial work.  We have a team of highly experienced sound designers located around the globe to help you with any of your audio needs.  We have worked on every element of sound, and our head office is based in the beautiful Gulf Islands of British Columbia, but we also have feet on the ground in Austin, Vancouver, and San Diego.  Having the right sound and music to push your product to the next level is what we strive for, and we have done top notch work for companies like Midwinter, Otherside Entertainment, Hinge Games, Eidos, Ubisoft, Weiden and Kennedy, Double Helix, Shiny Entertainment, Behavior, EA, Midway, Massive Finger, Sega, Bethesda, Headrush, North, and more.  We also have a full music recording and VO studio on Denman Island - Secret Clubhouse Sound.