Mark Sims

Mark is an accomplished audio geek that has come at the creation, produciton, mixing, and sculpting of sound from many directions.  He had worked on all aspects of audio at Channel 4 in London, them moved to Canada and  managed a post production house in Vancouver,  finally he worked his way up the ladder at his long tenure at EA as an audio lead.  He creates and impliments SFX, has taken many projects from conception to completion in the lead roll, composes music, is an excellent organizer with a strong eye for detail, and works extensively in audio tools development.

Game Titles:

 FIFA (various titles)
World Cup (2006)
Need for Speed
Madden (Wii launch title) Lead
Medal of Honour (Wii Launch title) Lead
Facebreaker (Lead)
EA Active NFL Training camp (Wii) Lead
Fight Night Champion(Lead)
SSX (Lead)