Brian May

Brian May's entire life is music and sound.  From composing music for a wide variety of clients around the globe, releasing a slew of albums under different alias' (DJ Delay, Beam Up, Sonical, High Pass Filter) , and doing many years of music placement, he is a taste maker that splits his time between Berlin and Melbourne each year.  If you want sounds that no one has heard, and enjoy the bass heavy side of life, Brian is your man.

22 years of live music performance (mullti instrumentalist)18 years of Radio announcing (production, presentation, interviewing)
17 years of electronic music production+remixing
17 years of DJing (Club, Festival, Bar, Venue etc)
15 years of tour management
7 years of software engineering (C, SC3, CSS/HTML, Supercollider, Prolog, PASCAL, TDL)
4 years of Commercial Film/TV synchronization

Goal - to push quality music forward through production, DJing, synch, promotion and performance

Projects include:
* Beam Up (world wide music production with big dub influence)
* DJ Delay (eclectic club, festival, radio dj)
* Sonical (techno/experimental electronic)
* Mash Up (mashups - retired in 2002)
* Balkan Beasts DJ team
* Straight Up (radio show - Into The Groovy

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